Do you Know Why Running is the Best Exercise For Body??

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Few activities apart from running tend to beat the calorie burn that one gets from running. Running is the best exercise irrespective whether one is trying to lose weight, stay fit or tone muscle. Although running is the best cardiovascular exercise there is, too much of running exerts a lot of pressure of the spinal cord of the body leading to adverse consequences. Characteristically, runners tend to have toned legs and a healthy heart and tend to have immunity too. The fastest human, Usain Bolt maintains an average speed of 23.5mph, while an average human tends to vary his speed somewhere between 18mph-21mph. Running being one of the easiest exercise to get involved in, helps in staying shape and relieves one of stress.


Furthermore, running is aerobic in nature meaning it challenges your cardiovascular and respiratory system. Even though running helps build muscle endurance and the health of bones in the body, it does not impact the muscle groups present in the arms, chest and back. In addition to the above, running should be used as an additional exercise to strength training in order to utilise every muscle group present in the body. Moreover, strength training helps improve your running form and helps you prevent injury.

While running, large muscle groups of the thighs are utilised which tend to increase the heart rate; as the heart tends to beat faster to provide the muscle groups with oxygen. Both your hamstrings and your quadriceps work every time you take strides while running. Running is also an excellent exercise for the abdominal muscles as during your run the abdominal muscles gives you balance and strength and helps stabilize your spine as you run. Therefore, your core is fully involved while running and muscle visibility is more apparent.

Similar to eating healthy to maintain a healthy lifestyle and ward off harmful germs, running is also beneficial to building up your immune system. Notwithstanding the above mentioned benefits running may also contribute directly to good circulation in the body which allows the cells and substances of the immune system to move through the body freely. Research states that there is a direct relation between your happiness levels and the amount of exercise you do. Furthermore, you are less likely to have depression if you keep exercising. Notably, there also exists a relation between exercising and your sleeping pattern. It is seen that people who exercise tend to sleep more peacefully and soundly as compared to people who don’t exercise. Lastly, running is a super healthy way to engage your entire body in a fulfilling workout.

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