Right Time and Right Way of Drinking Water

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woman_drinking_water_640Water has always been important for human survival, a fact which is illustrated by the fact that one can survive without food for 40 days, but one’s health will gradually deteriorate without water after 2 days depending on the surrounding temperature and amount of water loss from the body. Even though it is a well-known fact that drinking plenty of water is good for health but what is more important is the time at which it is drunk. Drinking water at correct timing will maximize its effectiveness on the human body.

The importance of water in the body cannot be stressed enough as water is required to cushion and lubricate our joints, protect our brain and other internal tissues, regulate our body temperatures, and remove waste from your body through urination, bowel movements and perspiration. Further when you don’t have enough water dehydration comes into play which leads to low blood pressure, headaches and dizziness.

Having a glass of water after you wake up can have profound effects on your body. The water consumed when you first wake up helps in proper and efficient circulation of blood flow in your circulatory system which is important as it aids the body to get rid of stubborn free radicals and residue from burned calories that were used during the nights’ metabolism. Also, it fires up your metabolism and maintains the hydration levels as required by the body.

Further drinking water after you first wake up helps as an indication to the body that it is time to shed the morning laziness and turn on for the morning. Lastly, when a glass of water is consumed before breakfast it is likely that you will eat less because your stomach is full with a substance which has zero calories.

Drinking water before a meal helps you to feel fuller before your meal as water prepares the stomach for the food that will shortly follow. Drinking water before sleeping at night significantly reduces chances of heart attack. Also, drinking water before workouts and after workouts helps in maintaining adequate hydration levels of the body.

glass-371210_640Adding flavours such as lemon, lime, orange, mango and pineapples to water can also invariably lead to an increase in the consumption of water. Setting a schedule for reminding you to continuously keep feeding yourself water is also important because by the time you usually feel thirsty you are already dehydrated.

Avoid these Situations:

  1. Don’t drink too Much of water after your meal, One or two sips are enough.
  2. Don’t drink cold or iced water more often as it can cause teeth related problems.
  3. Don’t drink water in standing position, sit and drink slowly.
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