Ideal Time to Workout : Morning Or Evening


Before the debate of whether one should exercise in the morning or evening is addressed it is important to note that, irrespective of what time one exercises one should nevertheless exercise on a regular basis.

During the morning, soon after we wake up the core body temperature is relatively low and one lacks the sharpness or mental alertness to exercise to one’s fullest potential. The fact that your core body temperature tends to be lower in the morning is indicative of the fact that one should not resort to heavy exercises in the morning but should go for a brisk aerobic walk, an easy swim or some yoga. In contrast during the evening, your body temperature peaks and your muscle recovery rate is more in comparison when you exercise in the morning.

Based on the above mentioned facts, you should save any type of intense workout for the evening. Inspite of the fact that there is no reliable evidence to suggest at what time more calories are burned it is nevertheless pivotal to consider how one feels while exercising during that point of time. The most important thing, however is to exercise irrespective of what time of the day it is.

Morning Workout

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In terms of being consistent when it comes to exercising, morning might be the best time to exercise as it is during this period of time that there is minimal interference from other schedules. Experts opine that if you intend to lose weight then “Morning exercise” before breakfast is the right time to exercise as during the exercise when your body requires energy it starts burning fat stored in your body. Also, the endorphins released during the exercise helps in keeping your mental awareness high for hours to come and help in increasing your metabolism. However there are also certain downsides to exercising in the morning and this is mainly attributed to the body temperature. Courtsey low body temperatures during the morning hours your muscles will be less flexible and colder and also due to low glycogen levels in the body there is a high probability of injuries.

Evening Workout

evening yogaIn contrast, when it comes to evening workouts experts opine that best results are obtained when one exercises in the evening. “Evening exercise” are believed to best for building muscle and good for high intensity and power based exercises such as weight training and high intensity and aerobic training. This could be possibly because of the fact that the body temperature peaks in the evening.

In addition to the above mentioned statement it is also notable in that aspect that testosterone which plays a pivotal role in gaining muscle peaks during evenings only as compared to testosterone levels during the morning. Further the secretion of synovial fluids which acts as a cushioning and lubrication agent in the body prevents stiffening of joints during evenings. While in morning due to low levels of synovial fluids there are increased chances of injuries.

Now, check your available time and start “Workout”, its not necessary you do it in morning or evening moreover you do it everyday without fail.

“Happy Living Healthy Living”

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