Top 7 Health and Wellness Gadgets for 2017 Which are Worth Looking at


Interested in purchasing health and wellness gadgets but not sure which ones will be right for you? If you are facing this dilemma then the information we will be sharing in the following sections will help you make the right selection based on kind of need you have, whether it means you are looking for something which will help you live a better life, quickly recover from sports injuries or anything in-between.

Top Health and Wellness Gadgets for 2017

Technology has made significant advancement with health and wellness industry striving to capitalize on these advancements. Let us look at some health and wellness gadgets that can helps us live a better life.

Omron Evolv – For Accurate Blood Pressure Monitoring

omron-evolvA wireless device which you can use for monitoring your blood pressure, Omron Evolv is very light and allows you to take it anywhere you go. Using this device you will be able to measure as well as record and share data related to your blood pressure with a doctor or family member through an app (the app is available for both, Android and iOS platforms).

It makes use of a heart health algorithm for measuring several data points and for eliminating interference occurring due to movement to ensure you receive a clinically accurate as well as precise reading.

QardioBase – A Smart Scale for Measuring Weight

qardiobaseQardioBase is a lot more than the usual weighing scale since apart from showing your weight, it can also examine your water percentage, heart rate, bone mass, body fat, muscle mass as well as keep record of the same so that you can easily compare them with future readings.

Few of its other features include:

  • Measurement of body composition consisting of muscle, bone and water mass.

  • Measurement of body fat percentage.

  • Calculation of BMI or body mass index.

The scale is also able to connect with Qardio app available on different platforms such as Android, Kindle and iOS so that you can easily share data with others as well as create reminders and set goals.

Furthermore, this smart scale is able to distinguish measurements different family members are taking, so everyone can use the scale without having to worry about loss of data.

Netatmo Health Home Coach – To Create a Healthier Environment at Home

netatmoIn any large city pollution is a serious concern and you need to take steps to ensure the air you breathe at home is clean.

This is where you can use this device since it can effectively examine level of air quality, temperature, noise levels and humidity to provide you advise about how it would be possible to develop healthier environment within your house.

In addition to it, it is also possible to connect multiple devices together with your smartphone to easily monitor all those rooms.

Philips Avance Juicer – Leading the Way in The Realm of Healthy Food Gadgets

philips_Avance_JuicerFibers are known to reduce the risk of heart diseases, improve digestion and stop weight gain. Thus, it is important to include enough fibers in our diet. Now increasing daily intake of fibers will be easier because of the Philips Avance Juicer.

Falling in the category of healthy food gadgets, this juicer makes use of a technology called FiberBoost which lets you select texture for the juice.

You can select to have a refreshing juice or something creamier, having fifty percent more fiber. Additionally, it is quite easy to clean it, which means you will continue using it instead of dumping it after initial excitement wears off.

Wair Smart Scarf – Keep Your Lungs Cleaner

wair_scarf_smog_filterTouted as being the most effective anti-pollution scarf, it is particularly useful for cyclists who are concerned about health problems resulting due to pollution.

Falling in the category of best wearable health tech, it is able to filter out harmful pollutants as well as is connected with an app so that you can keep an eye on latest air quality updates the scarf provides.

Withings Thermo – To Effectively Monitor That Fever

If you are suffering form fever then you are certainly going to like this new device which is a digital thermometer which is able to connect with Withings account you have and continually monitor your temperature readings.

The interesting thing about it is that it has sixteen infrared sensors which are used to take about 4,000 measurements to give you most accurate temperature reading.

Firefly – Improved Recovery from Sports Injuries

fireflyAnother in the list of best wearable health tech, it is a gadget that helps in accelerating recovery from minor injuries during sports. All you will have to do is wear it behind your knee and as soon as you do so, it will start delivering mild electrical impulses which will help in increasing blood circulation within the body.

Few of the main benefits of Firefly include:

  • Reduction in DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) effect after exercises.

  • Reduction in swelling.

  • Improving recovery after a strain or sprain.

Thus, if you are really serious about your health then you need to look into these above mentioned health and wellness gadgets and start using them.

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