Yoga for Healthy Life and Inner Peace of Mind

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Doing Yoga is considered to be the way of life. It inculcates the body and mind in unique discipline to attain inner peace and good health. It is the bond and binding of the ancient knowledge. The word is derived from Sanskrit, ‘Yuj’ which means individual consciousness with the universal consciousness. Along with various postures and techniques for breathing, it also consists of attaining inner peace and the achievement to control all the chakras and elements within us.  Asana is the essence of life which includes philosophy, devotional path, the path of action and mind control. Being an ancient art that has continued for over 5000 years holds great importance. Asana is for everyone, irrespective of age and gender. Our lifestyles have become so mechanical and we are so engrossed in this modern culture of work that we hardly have time to spend with our family. This rhythm of working continuously has led to stress, sleeping disorders and many other. But there are many sources available to counter these varying issues, the exceptional one is Yoga. People have identified its importance, not only as a traditional sense but health wise too. It helps in distressing the mind, providing active lifestyle and a life of benevolence.

Yoga provides many benefits that are even scientifically proven. Most important thing in today’s life is inner peace which we can get by doing asana. It is found that performing meditation for an hour every day can make a person more assertive and calm, resulting in inner peace. It can further provide relief from stress, burn out situations and exhaustion. Following a proper regime and performing the exercises regularly strengthens the body and provides flexibility. The exercises enumerated in it are found to be equivalent to the workouts in the gym.  Various diseases have been proven to be controlled with numerous asana of yoga. They are found be effective in controlling blood pressure, countering frequent headaches issues prevalent these days and making people happier. It also enumerates to follow a balanced and healthy diet thus eliminating the toxins in the body. The same culture is being adopted by the west as well, considering it as a change from mechanical life. Many companies have dedicated a day and have inculcated yoga in the daily routine of employees.

There are various forms of asana. Few exercises are as follows:

Warrior poses:warrior

Stand with your legs 3 feet apart

Right foot turned at 90° and left foot slightly in.

Bend your knees at 90° and face towards the right.

Relax your shoulders by bringing your hands to your hips and then extending your arms out on the sides.

Stay there for at least one minute and then repeat by changing sides.


Strengthens legs muscles.

Strengthens shoulder, arm and back

Tree pose:treepose

Stand straight with your arms on the sides and then bring your left leg and place it on right thigh.

Then join together your palms in prayer position.

After that extend your arms over the shoulders with palms facing each other.

Stay there for 30 seconds and repeat with the change.


Improve concentration

Maintain balance in the body

Tones muscles of legs, arms, back and chest

Triangle poses:triangle3

Stand with your feet apart and arms extended out to the sides.

First bend over your right arm touching the floor and left hand pointed to the upwards.

Your face should also face upwards and hold for 15 minutes.

Change sides and repeat.


Increase the flexibility of spine.

Relieves from back pain, indigestion, neck sprain.

Also help in relief with the stiffness in shoulder, neck and knee.

Childs pose:


Sit on your knees and roll your torso forward with chest close to the knees and make the head touch the floor.

Stay there for some time and repeat.


Calm down the body and mind

Improves digestive system

Helps in toning the abdominal organs


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