Fitness Secrets Revealed! Know How These Well Known Fitness Trainers Lost Several Pounds to Regain Their Fitness


Ever wondered how overweight people transform themselves and regain their fitness? This is the main topic we will be exploring in the following sections and look into real life stories of fitness trainers who broke the shackles to gain high levels of fitness. We will also examine fitness secrets that helped them achieve their fitness goals.

Fitness Secrets to Losing Body Fat Fast

Keoni Hudoba – 140+ Pounds Less!

keoni-hudobaKeoni as an opera singer and performer had no inhibitions about accepting rejection during auditions. But, everything changed when one of the casting directors told him that the main reason for his rejection was not his vocal capabilities or talent but instead it was more about his over weight condition. After hearing this, Hudoba made a decision that all this has to change.

Keoni’s Fitness Tips

According to Keoni, “You need to start denying yourself cheat days, this is when you will start getting cheat weeks.”

As part of his health workout tips, he adds that rewarding yourself is also important after training hard to stay motivated. For him, the reward is generally a salted caramel cupcake.

Scott Thompson – Lost 120 pounds for Good

scott-thompsonScott was not a flabby guy for the start, in reality while growing up he was actually a competitive athlete, engaged in different sports. But his dreams received a major setback when he had to stop training because of a knee injury he suffered in college.

After the injury he was just sitting around and eating takeout for around 6 years, which made him heavier by another 120 pounds. During this time period, his behavior was not applauded by family members and friends. In addition to it, they also kept mocking him for being overweight.

Due to this relentless barrage of comments he finally decided that he cannot let it go on like this and has to do something.

Weight Loss and Fitness Secrets

As per Scott, “The hardest thing to do during weight loss is to commit to a fitness regime and not about knowing what all you have to eat or how to work out properly.”

In addition to it, he also says that you will feel more accountable if you are working with a training partner or if there is someone whom you can enjoy working with.

Shannon Julia – Lighter by 85 Pounds

shannon-juliaShannon was overweight right from the time she was quite young and it did affect her confidence in a very negative manner. She soon realized that things have to change and decided to join a gym. With guidance from experts at the gym and her own dedication she was able to successfully reduce her weight.

Fitness Secrets That Worked for Shannon

Shannon believes that you have to make a selection out of the countless available solutions when it comes to implementation of lifestyle changes.

According to her, secrets to losing body fat fast involves developing a clear idea about what you want to achieve and selecting option which will best suit your situation.

Nancy Anne Martin – Garnered Enough Courage to Lose 49 Pounds

nancy-ann-martinNancy knew she had to do something about her weight when her mother died due to fatal health issues as well as because she did not take right care of herself.

“I knew that I do not want my kids to experience something similar happening with me.” says Nancy. That time she made a decision to improve her fitness and regain control over her life.

Nancy’s Fitness Mantra

Nancy while sharing health workout tips mentioned that apart from doing exercises on regular basis, it is also important to maintain a log. This way it becomes possible to keep a proper record of exercises you do and things you eat.

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