An Inside Scoop into What 6 Most Successful People of the World do to Stay Fit


Ever wondered what successful people do to stay fit and excel in what they do? Here is your chance to have a closer look into physical and mental fitness regime they follow to stay fit. So, let us delve into the details of daily routine of famous personalities in the following sections.

What successful people do to stay fit?

These successful people are well aware of facts about keeping fit and stick to a fitness regime which will be suitable for them.

A Power Walk in the Morning – Fitness Secret of Nancy Pelosi

NancyPelosiNancy Pelosi, Minority Leader of the United States House of Representatives, prefers to take a forty-five minute power walk in the morning to stay fit as well as plan out the things she wants to do during the day.

Nancy herself disclosed these details during her interview with Jane Mayer (a staff writer for The New Yorker). She also pointed out that she utilizes these 45 minutes to touch base with staff members, to make plans for the day as well as make necessary thank you calls. Thus, the power walk serves both purposes, helps her stay fit as well as arrange her work.

The agenda during her walks always remains a mixed bag and as she mentioned, could range from analysis of what is happening somewhere in Libya to updates on issues revolving around Capitol Hill.

Ron Shaich – From Being a Couch Potato to a Fitness Freak

RonShaichWe know Ron Shaich as founder and CEO of Panera Bread and a millionaire who confessed that he was actually a couch potato but made a commitment to reduce his weight as well as improve fitness level when he was in his 50s.

He took this decision so as to remain physically and mentally fit and to adequately meet growing demands of his business.

During an interview Shaich told The Wall Street Journal reporter Melanie Grayce that he has hired a trainer so that he can force himself to perform the work outs even when he does not want to.

These work outs include swimming or running for about an hour and Shaich follows this workout schedule 2 to 3 times every week to stay fit.

This show that if you have determination then you can transform yourself from a couch potato to a fitness freak.

Running and Cycling Helped Wendy Davis Gain Stamina to Endure a Grueling 13 Hour Filibuster

WendyDavisThis actual fact is from 2013 when she was a Senator and started a filibuster for blocking the anti-abortion bill. During the filibuster she had to stand for almost thirteen hours without the opportunity to take a bathroom break or go out for a snack.

Moreover, at that time she was also wearing a back brace to ensure that she will not have to lean over anything. As you can easily understand, such act of endurance would not have been possible if she did not have good fitness.

Thus, Davis being aware of facts about keeping fit, focuses on cycling and running on a daily basis to maintain required fitness level and the stamina she has developed has helped her stand and talk for almost 13 hours!

Frits van Paasschen – Achieving Fitness by Running Just 10 Miles a Day!

FritsvanPaasschenFormer CEO of Starwood Hotels and Resorts, Frits van Paasschen has maintained high levels of fitness by running a mind boggling 10 miles each day!

According to Van, business primarily revolves around setting high goals, getting over personal fears and devising strategies for breaking the barriers. These philosophies of management perfectly match what he strives to achieve by running 10 miles a day.

Spartacus Workout – Fitness Mantra for Michael Corbat

michael-corbatMichael Corbat, the Citigroup CEO makes use of an exercise regimen known as Spartacus Workout (meaning to torch the fat) to stay fit. The workout consists of pushups, squats as well as dumbbell lifts.

According to a post on Bloomberg News, these workouts help Michael develop required focus to excel as Citigroup’s CEO while maintaining required level of fitness.

Fitness Equals Meditation and Cardio, for the Popular Talk Show Host Oprah Winfrey

OprahWinfreyOprah, a well-known media proprietor is determined to stay fit and invests at least 45 minutes every day to perform cardio exercises 6 days a week plus goes through 4 to 5 strength training sessions on a weekly basis.

Moreover, she also does meditation by remaining silent for at least twenty minutes twice every day.

By looking into daily routine of famous personalities we can easily make out that they take their fitness seriously. Staying fit not only helps them do their work in a better manner but also assists them to excel in every sphere of life.

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